Krankentransporte - Termin beim Arzt oder im Krankenhaus


Doctor or Hospital Appointments

Have an appointment with the doctor or at the hospital? By deciding to take the taxi, you do your bit to ensure ambulances are available for real emergencies.

The fare can be billed directly to the hospital, while private patients also receive a bill which they can submit to their own insurance provider.

Travel for Therapy

Taxi Maxi has made it its mission to provide customers with the very best service possible. The wellbeing of patients is close to our heart, not least because we believe that creating a pleasant atmosphere during travel can make a positive contribution to your treatment outcome. The employees of Taxi Maxi have many years of experience, feel very comfortable dealing with outpatient treatment centers, and share the benefits of their experience with the patients we transport.

Rides provided for scheduled therapy, including chemo and radiation treatments, are handled by us discretely and anonymously. All we need from your doctor is an official request for our transportation services.
Once we have received the request, we will take you to your chemo or radiation therapy, and bring you back again when you are done. We are happy to handle all aspects of organization, including billing. We will bill insurance carriers direct.

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